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Duke, "Education 'Reform': The Endgame," Jersey Jazzman blog, Feb. 2014.

Link to source of quote used in meme:

Anna Simonton, "Wall Street is Designing the Future of Public Education as a Money-Making Machine," Salon (reprinted from Alternet), Dec. 2013. future_of_public_education_as_a_money_making_machine/

Excerpt: Bill Gates speaks at the 2009 National Conference of State Legislatures about the
Common Core State Standards Initiative and the potential benefits from adopting this initiative.

Jeff Bryant, "Sorry, Michelle Rhee, but Our Obsession with Testing Kids is All About Money," Salon, Dec. 2013. michelle_rhee_but_our_obsession_with_testing_kids_is_all_about_ money/

"How to Get Stinking Rich in the Education Industry," Momma Bears blog, Dec. 2013.
Note the many links to corroborating evidence after the "parable."

Yes! Editors, "Info-Graphic: Why Corporations Want Our Public Schools," Yes! Magazine, Feb. 2014.

Dean Paton, "The Myth Behind Public School Failure," Yes! Magazine, Feb. 2014.
Synopsis: In the rush to privatize the country’s schools, corporations and politicians have decimated school budgets, replaced teaching with standardized testing, and placed the blame on teachers and students.