Recommended Reading:

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Valerie Strauss, "Anti-Testing Movement Growing, Finding Success Around Country," Answer Sheet column in Washington Post, Sept. 2014.

M. Shannon Hernandez, "Interview with Dr. Yohuru Williams on Corporate Education Reform: 'We Aren't Buying It'" Huffington Post, Aug. 2014.

Bob Schaeffer, "Fairtest: Resistance to Overtesting Grows," Diane Ravitch's blog, Aug. 2014.
Includes links to nearly 30 articles.

Diane Ravitch, "Breaking News: Florida School Board Wants Entire District to Opt Out," Diane Ravitch's blog, Aug. 2014.

Diane Ravitch, "Breaking News: DC Halts Evaluating Teachers by Test Scores," Diane Ravitch's blog, Aug. 2014.

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Suli Breaks, "I Will Not Let an Exam Result Decide my Fate," spoken word video, Apr. 2013.

Valerie Strauss, "Parent to Obama: Let me tell you about the Common Core test Malia and Sasha don’t have to take but Eva does,'" Answer Sheet column in Washington Post, Jul. 2014.

Valerie Strauss, "Superintendent on School Reform: 'It's Not Working,'" Answer Sheet column in Washington Post, Feb. 2014.
A powerful letter that Madison Schools Superintendent Tom Scarice wrote to state legislators explaining why Connecticut Gov. Malloy’s “pause” isn’t the answer to the real problems.

Motoko Rich, Common Core School Standards Face a New Wave of Opposition, New York Times, May 2014.

Valerie Strauss, "Teachers Refuse to Administer Standardized Tests," Answer Sheet column in Washington Post, Apr. 2014.
Includes the "Teachers of Conscience" 13 page position paper--thoroughly researched and footnoted.
Link to the Teachers of Conscience's website:

Crystal Stella Becceril, "'Bad Ass Moms' Defend Chicago Public Schools," In These Times, Aug. 2014.

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Mercedes Schneider, "The Fight to Save Common Core: Count Me Out," deutsch29 blog, Oct. 2013.

Sarah van Gelder, "Meet the New Rebels Taking Back Our Public Schools," YES! magazine, Feb. 2014.
Synposis: For decades the myth of failing public schools justified industrial-scale testing and a privatization agenda. Now radical educators are bursting the bubble test, getting culturally relevant, and restoring justice to the classroom.

Tracy Connor, "Parents, teachers join pockets of rebellion against the Common Core," NBC News, Oct. 2013.

Michael Paul Goldenberg, "Tip of the Iceberg: Why Beating the Common Core State Standards Might Be the Booby Prize for Progressive Education," @ The Chalk Face blog, Oct. 2013.

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Erin Jester, "Teacher Takes a Stand, Refuses to Give Standardized Test," The Gainesville Sun, Sep. 2014
Article about a Florida Kindergarten teacher and the FAIR test, required in even K-2 in that state.

Suli Breaks, "Should Exams be Scrapped?" Sky News, Aug. 2014.

New York State Administrators' Public Comments on Common Core and the 2013 Assessments

Principal Carol Burris, South Side High School,"I was Näive about Common Core," Washington Post,
March 2013.

Supt. Teresa Thayer Snyder, Voorheesville Central School District, "Commentary on Math & ELA Results" and "More Reflections on Assessments," August 2013. (scroll down)

Supt. Jere Hochman, Bedford School District, "Testing: Fire, Aim, Ready (but not so much the ready part - yet)," August 2013.

Letter from Supt. Joseph Rella, Comsewogue School District, to Senator Kenneth LaValle, August 2013. [link opens pdf file]

Jamie Cruikshank, "Take a Closer Look," August 2013.

8 NYS Principals, "Letter to Parents about Testing," Oct. 2013.

Dr. Joseph Rella, the Superintendent of Comsewogue, NY, Schools,
speaks at Mar. 2014 rally to protest the Common Core (iRefuse!).

BATs July 2014 Rally in DC and Meeting with USDOE Officials


BATs press release with summary of the meeting:

Text of Dr. Yohuru Williams' speech:

Text of Melissa Katz's speech:

Write-ups by BAT Association representatives about their experiences in the meeting at the US Dept. of Education:

Video overview of the rally.

Peter Greene's analysis on his Curmudgucation blog:

CNN iReport video:

David Greene's report on his experience at the rally:

Lee County (FL) School Board's Consideration of Opting District Out of Testing

Emily Atteberry, "Lee County Make History, Opts Out of Standardized Testing,", Aug. 2014.

Joshua Katz interviewed on My Fox Orlando, Aug. 2014:
FOX 35 News Orlando

Associated Press, "Opt Out Reversed, But Pandora's Box Remains Open" and "Lee County Schools Rescind Vote to Opt Out of Common Core Exams," Florida Today, Sep. 2014.

What You Can Do

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 7.23.20 AM.png
Opt Out Orlando, "Questions Every Public School Parent Should Be Asking Now," Opt Out Orlando blog, Jul. 2014.

In this Mar. 2014 video from Change the Stakes, parents explain why they are opting their children out of standardized tests.

Ira Shor, "Why You Should Opt Out Your Children from State Testing," Diane Ravitch's blog, Jul. 2014.

Yong Zhao, "Common Sense vs. Common Core: How to Minimize the Damages of the Common Core," Zhao Learning blog, Jun. 2012.
In short...1. Don't be fooled.2. Don’t narrow your curriculum3. Don’t standardize the teachers4. Don’t waste your money5. Don’t judge your students or teachers based on test scores

Kathleen Jasper, "#boycott resources," ConversationEd, Aug. 2014
Links to information about how to opt out.

See also Links to Relevant Sites for some useful resources!