Standardized: Lies, Money & Civil Rights: How Testing Is Ruining Public Education (2013)
For decades, standardized testing has been a part of public education. Within the last ten years, however, the testing has taken on a more important, and possibly more damaging, role. Test scores, mistakenly viewed as effective assessments of student ability and teacher/school effectiveness, are anything but. This film sheds light on the invalid nature of these tests, the terrible consequences of high-stakes testing, and the big money that's involved.

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"This can't be stressed enough in the testing debates: we design tests not based on objective criteria, but on socially constructed frameworks that assume some of us are above average, some of us are below, and most of us are in the middle."

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Full text:

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As Valerie Strauss puts it, this article shares "...irrefutable data to show that the test-based reforms are taking public education down the wrong road."

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Subtitle: When Dr. Walter Stroup showed that Texas’ standardized testing regime is flawed, the testing company struck back.

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See the CCNS assessments for yourself...for there's no better argument against them:

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Quote from article: "A 2006 primer on cut scores prepared by the Educational Testing Service found that cut scores can be reliable, but are based on a group's opinions. 'It is impossible to prove that a cut score is correct,' the report said."

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"14 states are planning to use PARCC to assess CCSS; and SmarterBalanced, which also intends to us AES in its CCSS tests, isn’t far behind."

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Link to more info about the book:

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