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This wiki was launched in mid-2013, at a time when there was little coverage about Common Core. Since then, major articles have been published in the mainstream media, many videos have been posted, and serious conversations have developed. Diane Ravitch's book Reign of Error addresses the biggest concerns I had (and have) and Mercedes Schneider's book A Chronicle of Echoes shares stunning research which helps explain the "whos" and "hows." In short, much more information has become much more readily available. A simple Google search for "common core concerns" now presents a list of MILLIONS of results. For this reason, I am adding links to this wiki more sporadically, choosing to include only the very most compelling articles and media. - L. Graykin, Aug. 2014.

Are you new to Common Core & other Education Reform issues?

Here are some great resources with the basic facts to help you get up to speed:


Diane Ravitch, Public School Historian, explains the problems with Common Core:

In the short clip (about 3 min) above, she is interviewed by KET's Bill Goodman, May 2014.

Here, she is interviewed by Bill Moyers on Moyers and Company, March 2014, and talks
more about other associated education reforms being enacted. (Approx. 27 min.)

Diane Ravitch, "Watch the Films that Debunk Corporate Education Reform," Diane Ravitch's blog, Aug. 2014.
Includes links to four "recent must-see videos that challenge the corporate reform movement."


Peg Robertson's open letter to parents: "Parents, I Cannot Protect your Children," Peg with Pen blog, Aug. 2014.


Peg Robertson's open letter to teachers: "A Letter to Educators who Embrace the #commoncore," @ The Chalkface blog, Jun. 2013.


Denisha Jones' open letter to new teachers: "Welcome to the Teaching Profession: Are you Ready to go to War?," emPower, Aug. 2014.


Anneliese Gabrielle Kellogg's suggestion about maintaining a skeptical stance toward education reform "experts" and their claims, Facebook, Jul. 2014.

https://www.facebook.com/notes/larry-graykin/anneliese-gabrielle-kellogg-on-maintaining-a-skeptical-stance-toward-education-r/10152578927202769 …

Peter Greene, Reclaiming Public Education 101 blog

The current world of school reform and education debate can often leave people feeling like they just walked in on the last ten minutes of a three hour movie. Reclaiming Public Education 101 is devoted to providing clear links to information to help you educate yourself about the issues.

Chicago Federation of Teachers, "CTU Position Paper on Common Core," Jul. 2014. [link to pdf file]


Valerie Strauss' "Answer Sheet" column in The Washington Post often runs insightful articles.

For example, here's a good overview of Common Core problems by Diane Ravitch, published in Jan. 2014:

And here is a synopsis of a research brief published by the California Alliance of Researchers for Equity in Education, from Mar. 2016 (also includes the original brief):

P.L. Thomas, "Rational and Evidence-Based Responses to Standards Advocates and Critics," The Becoming Radical blog, Aug. 2014.


John Chase, "Common Core Bait-and-Switch," Wag the Dog blog, Sep. 2014.


Tom Scarice, "Common Core: What's True, False, and Fuzzy," Valerie Strauss' Answer Sheet in the Washington Post, Sep. 2014.


...and then start exploring the rest of this site!

Susan Ohanian, "Woo-Hoo! Occupy the Schools," Daily Censored, Feb. 2013.

Peter Greene, "Can We Renew 'The Conversation'?" Curmudgucation blog, Sep. 2014.
"Reformsters have yet to answer some fundamental questions about themselves and their Common Core based reforms."

Peg Robertson, "Do No Harm. That is Reasonable," Peg With Pen blog, Aug. 2014.

John Chase, "Weapons of Mass Instruction," WagTheDog blog, Jun. 2014.http://vigornotrigor.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/weapons-of-mass-instruction/

Associated Press, "50-State Look at how Common Core is Playing Out in US," New York Times, Aug. 2014.

Valerie Strauss, "If this isn't School Reform Failure, What is?" Answer Sheet in the Washington Post, Aug. 2014.

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 10.13.44 AM.png
Found on Facebook, Nov. 2013.

TN Student Speaks Out About Common Core, Teacher Evaluation
Ethan Young at Knox County school board's regular meeting, Nov. 2013.

CCSS Presentation: Foundation of Corporate Reform - Kris Nielsen speaks in Clovis, NM, May 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 3.56.46 PM.png

See the CCNS assessments for yourself

...for there's no better argument against them.
  • Smarter Balanced Pilot Test:
  • Smarter Balanced Sample Items and Performance Tasks:
  • PARCC Task Prototypes and Sample Items:

The Trouble with Common Core - Stan Karp speaks in Portland, OR, Sept. 2013.
A revised version of this talk was published as an article on Rethinking Schools website in Jan. 2014, here: http://www.rethinkingschools.org/archive/28_02/28_02_karp.shtml

Disclaimer: The fight against Common Core has created some strange bedfellows, as opposition comes (for varied reasons) from across the political spectrum. Please understand that not all sources may prove to be completely trustworthy. If you find we have linked to a site or an article that clearly and indisputably shares falsehoods, please contact us and let us know, and we will remove the link.

About this wiki's founder and primary editor:

L. Graykin: I'm a public school teacher in NH, husband to author Justine Graykin, and parent to two children who attend(ed) public schools.
I'm co-founder and chairperson of the 501(c)(3) public charity NH Center for Integrated Curriculum, United Opt Out's Leader for NH, and the primary administrator of the NH chapter of Badass Teachers Association. I am also a proud NEA member.